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Rapid Research & Development in Radio Frequency domain across globe is leading to expeditious growth of communication technology. Testing this RF systems and subsystems is extremely resource intensive in terms of time and money. Captronic Systems with its range of superlative RF test, measurement & simulation products and solution will help you in optimizing your testing requirements.

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Captronic Systems with its inhouse Research & Development has gained the reputation of leading system integrator in the field of RF test & measurement.  Recognized as RF and Wireless Specialty Partner by National Insturments, Captronics has won several awards for its products and systems delivered in the RF domain. With a team of RF experts Captronics has delivered systems for flagship projects like AEW&CS, RUSTOM-II and many more. Our range of RF products like Channel Emulators, Telemetry Systems, Record & Playback Systems, Satellite Transponder Simulator etc. makes us the only Indian to company to have harnessed such advanced technologies and deliver the Indian Defence, Aerospace, Space & Automotive sectors with world class test & measurement facilities.



Automated Test Equipments (ATE)


Captronic Systems’s flagship project has been the “ATE for the DRDO Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&CS)”. It is India’s first Automated Test Equipment that is capable of  testing upto 45 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). ATE is capable of simulating the inputs and measuring the responses, OK/NOT OK tests are performed based on which the appropriate analysis is made to locate the problem/fault up to the lowest replaceable level.

The system is developed using COTS hardware used for stimuli  generation and measurement. Mass interconnection technology is used to connect multiple LRU’s with a single PXI unit. Customized RF switch matrix modules of (32X8)->(8X8)->(8X32) are part of the system. The system has state-of-the-art software with advanced features generating detailed Test Reports  with Statistical Analysis.



Radar Integration Rig cum ATE

The RIR-ATE is used to perform test, fault identification, repair and retesting of different Radar LRUs. The most unique feature engineered is its dual mode of operation; first the radar integration rig (RIR) can validate the functionalities or identify the fault of LRUs in integrated form, and secondly the ATE will test the individual LRUs for any fault.

Different Soft Panels help the user to simulate or measure signals of different types like sFPDP, MIL-STD-1553B, discrete timing and control, RS-232, and RF. Different tests performed are Power Consumption test, Display-Link Test, Tx link Test, Recorder Link Test, Ethernet Switch Link Test, LCS link Test, RF Monitoring Link test, Antenna Link test and many more.



The RF Integration Test Rig is an integrated test bed for testing various RF subsystems like airborne and ground transmitters and receivers as well as for RF payloads fitted on a UAV. It is a portable rack with various simulators and measurement units which are remotely monitored, controlled and configured from an advanced GUI.

The Test-RIG performs several operations like monitoring different health parameters of different data link subsystems,  LRU level checks in standalone mode or for system level checks in integrated mode and It can also be used in radiation mode in field for final GO/NO-GO checks after integration of the aircraft/UAV. The system consists of PXI Based Communication Link Simulator, Channel Emulator, GPS/GLONASS Simulator, Integrated Test & Measurement Instrument, Data Acquisition and System Interfaces.


Control Systems

RF Interlock

The Captronics RF interlock and protection (I&PS) system plays an important role in ensuring damage protection to the high-power RF systems. High Power Radio Frequency RF systems include high power RF devices, various bias supplies and cooling systems. The interlock system makes sure the systems are reliable and operate in a safe environment.

The interlock and protection system basically protect the klystron amplifier in the RF system. The major functions of this control system is channel configuration and continuous monitoring of signals and data logging for user selected channels. Sequential startup and shutdown implementations of RF subsystems. Protection of high-power RF devices and its connected subsystems. Alarm annunciation to the operator in case of abnormal signal conditions. Fast processing of data, high speed control loops and state-of-the-art GUI are some of the key features of this system.



PCM Telemetry Reciever

Captronics PCM Telemetry Receiver is one of the most ruggedized, portable and standardized telemetry systems.  The system communicates between the aircraft and base station with latest Software Defined Radios, with  increased efficiency, lesser bandwidth and higher throughput at lower costs.

It has most advanced features like, Acquisition Telemetry Signals L,S,C,X,Ku and K-Band, FPGA Implementation of DDC, Bit sync and Decom, Real-time bandwidth up to 100MHz, Data rate up to 40 mbps, Storage of up to 24 hours of continuous data with 24 TB of hard disk, Complies with IRIG-106 standards. It finds wide range of applications like testing Aircraft Telemetry Datalink, UAVs, Satellite Monitoring, Missile Monitoring, Design validation etc.


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