Revolutionary Products Line-Up by Captronic Systems

A revlotionary product lineup by Captronic Systems designed to advance the aerospace & defence, space and automotive industry with its gamut of unque real world applications.

All Products By Captronic Systems

In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System (IVDAS)

IVDAS is a portable rugged high-performance data acquisition system for commercial automotive and defence ground mobile vehicles.

IFF Tester

Identification friend or foe (IFF) is a radar-based identification system designed for command and control. It uses a transponder that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster.

Aeronautical Telemetry Channel Emulator

Captronics Aeronautic Telemetry Channel Emulator is a state of the art system to simulate RF signals for developing & validating any telemetry system.


FRA is used to analyse dynamic behaviour of actuators, valves & control systems components. It can generate user-configurable, swept sine frequency providing automatic calculation of Phase margin and Gain margin of the unit under test.

CAPture Avionics Test Suite

CATS (CAPture Avionics Test Suite) is a GUI based application that provides the facilities to test any avionics system or subsystems (LRUs).

CAPture Emulator Series

The CAPture Emulator Series devices are capable of emulating a real world RF environment, making it possible to isolate & identify performance issues in the RF comms.

CAPture Smart IF & RF Record Playback System

CAPture Smart RF & IF record and Playback System, records, and playback RF & IF signals both in the Lab and on the field. The recorded data when played back seamlessly provides vital information which is invaluable in testing RF systems, recreating real field scenarios and getting valuable spectral information.