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Industry 4.0 has completely revolutionized the way good are manufactured. This has led to development of advanced test and automation systems. Captronic Systems with its in-depth expertise in data acquisition and control systems has been in forefront to provide various industrial sectors with modular and scalable systems which can be future proof adopting to the changing requirements and data handling

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Captronic Systems has delivered several projects in the field of Industrial Automation, Research Organizations and Manufacturing. We have developed a strong footprint in these sectors by building cutting edge modern Automated Test Equipment, Control systems, Data Acquisition Systems, End of Line testers and Automation Systems.

 Various categories and projects are mentioned as below.





Industrial Automation

BLDC /DC Motor Test System

The Brushless DC/ DC Motor test system is developed to test and measure various parameters of the motor in production line setup and also in R&D. The parameters measured are Resistance, Inductance, Back EMF, Current, Motor RPM, thermistor Output, Torque, Torque Constant and Vibration Measurement.

Users can configure various pass fail criteria ranges for the measured parameters. Also the test sequence is configurable. The system saves the test data in MySQL databases. The system can test over 100 variants of BLDC and DC Motors. Motors with encoders can also be tested using the same system.


DMM Motor Test System

The Disc Magnet Motor Test System is built to test and measure the coil resistance, Inductance, Phase Shift, Phase Shift Fluctuation, Max Total Phase Shift, Gamma, Delta Gamma, Delta Gamma between phases, Friction Torque, Detent Torque, Max Torque.

 Specialized mechanical fixture is included in this setup for holding motors in test position. The PXI RT will be responsible for the acquisition of the signals and measurement of the parameters using the DAQ, DMM, Scope cards. It will control the switching of different electrical paths required in a measurement using the Power matrix module.


Hydraulic Test Rig

The Hydraulic Endurance Test Rig system is designed and built to test hydraulic components for up to 1 million test cycles and evaluate its performance. The system is based on NI Compact Reconfigurable Input Output (cRIO) platform. The software has features like system diagnosis, functional test, maintenance, data storage etc.  

The software controls the hydraulic flow and pump pressure during the test as per the user configuration, acquires and records various parameters like pressure, temperature and flow for the duration of the test.


More Projects under Industrial Automation

Thermostat Test System

The system is capable of automating the thermostat check cycle testing, contrary to the conventional manual testing process. The system is also capable of testing thermostats at 30 different stations more than 96 thermostats at a time. All the systems are connected together over LAN to a central server. 

 The system operates in two cycles, the set cycle and the check cycle to test the cut-in and cut-out temperature range of the thermostat. Customer reported that the test time was reduced by 8 times in comparison to manual testing. The system is built on NI sbRIO and HMI based solutions.


Valve Test System

The main objective of this system is to test the dynamic and step response characteristics of control valves in the production line. Different types of tests are carried out to find the control valve characteristics. They are, System Tuning, Calibration, Dynamic Response Test, Step Response Test, Dead Band Test, Cyclic Test, Operating Speed Test.

Generator mode should allow the admin to configure frequency, swept sine amplitude, integration time, settling time and display type. Offline analysis option is included to view and print the saved data.



Automated Storage System

The project includes design and development of  control systems for automated storage solutions. Auto stores are suited for stocking and retrieving goods with a high access frequency. The solution will have control hardware for interfacing suitable sensors and actuators used in auto store products. 

The software consists of logic for machine control along with a user friendly operator interface.Alarms and interlock systems are included for safety and self check. The system is developed over NI sbRIO platform.


Hydrophone Testing System

The Hydrophone testing system provides characteristics of different hydrophones. The system contains a data acquisition system. The information/signals from the sensors are acquired and logged into a given file.

The system is developed over NI’s USB DAQ platform with the integrated Piezoelectric signal conditioning applied to the transducer internally through USB.User can configure several models of Hydrophones and view the stored data in offline mode.



Hydraulic Valve Testing

This system is developed to test various Hydraulic Valves used in automotive applications. The Test Rig has 6 Analog closed loop controls for dynamic parameters like Pressure and Flow to be controlled simultaneously including many Digital controls.  

The system is capable of doing tests like hysteresis test, leakage test, pressure and flow tests. It also includes testing of CAN protocol based valves. Using this Test Stand Customers has increased their productivity significantly (by 15-20%). This Test stand has helped customers achieve their goal of zero defects, zero productivity loss, and zero accidents.


Oil & Gas


Electrolyzer is a device that creates hydrogen and oxygen from the water. The device performs electrochemical reaction with help of its membrane and catalysts together to separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules of water. Captronic Systems Developed interfaces for the Electrolyzer to automate its all processes. 

The software consists of a Diagnostic panel used to monitor and control all the IO’s connected to data acquisition systems for  maintenance purposes. Various alarms and cause effect interlocks are set and monitored in the system. Entire setup is monitored on SCADA screen developed in LabVIEW.


Thermogravimetric Process Control

 Thermogravimetric Analyzer continuously measures the mass while the temperature of a sample is changed over time. TGA is used for material characterization through analysis of characteristic decomposition patterns mainly used in the study of polymeric materials.

 The TGA process Control and data acquisition system is designed and developed on NI cRIO platform. The software will allow users to configure the sequence of operation into a recipe manager that will be used for trials/tests. Features like channel scaling, configuration, diagnostics, Set Point Control, Conditional data monitoring, Alarms, Cause & Effect Interlocks etc. is included in the software.



Air Retention Test Equipment

Inflatable systems are used for emergency exit in a commercial aircraft.  The automatic air retention test equipment is used to test the inflatable system by maintaining the set pressure for specified intervals. The system is capable of testing 4 UUTs independently.

Several Solenoid and Proportional valves are controlled using this system. The output signal from the sensor is read using an analog input card on cRIO and logged in suitable format. The exhaust of air from the IIT during the inflation stage happens through the proportional valve which is controlled by the system.


Core Power Tester

The system is responsible for providing automated testing for power packages. The system consists of electronic load, power supply, solar array simulator and PXI based test platform. Console Evaluation test feature is to check healthiness of all hardware and generate reports. 

Following tests are included in system Decoder, Cell Bypass, TMTC Complete, Charger Test MIL 1553 test. Various test sequences can be configured, along with test ranges for the acquired parameters. A detailed report is generated on completion of the test.


Green House Automation System

Green Houses are structures mainly built by glass walls used to grow certain plant species under regulated climate control. Greenhouses are used by various research organizations to study the properties and behavior patterns of particular plant species.

Captronic Systems developed a cutting-edge system that automates various equipment functions in order to maintain the predetermined environment conditions such as temperature, light and relative humidity. The system can automate 11 Greenhouses simultaneously.


More Projects under DAS.

Psychrometric Test Facility

50 TON Psychrometric Test Facility will provide the ability to test single unit and split unit air conditioners with air cooled condensers.The capacity range of the test units that the facility will be tested is from 30,000 to 300,000 Btu’s/hour.

Parameters measured include Power consumption of the test Unit, Test unit evaporator’s air inlet dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, Test unit evaporator’s air outlet dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, Test Unit condenser’s air inlet dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, Air flow through the test Unit’s evaporator, Test Unit’s total heating or cooling capacity, Total latent cooling and heating capacity and Test unit sensible cooling and heating capacity.


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