CAPture - Smart IF and RF Record and Playback System

CAPture Smart RF & IF record and Playback System, records, and playback RF & IF signals both in the Lab and on the field. The recorded data when played back seamlessly provides vital information which is invaluable in testing RF systems, recreating real field scenarios and getting valuable spectral information.


What is Record & Playback?

With increasing complexity of RF Systems, the demand on RF front end and the bandwidth requirements continue to increase, thereby the rate at which the data needs to be streamed to the disk is increasing at exponential rates. This all comes along with increasing cost of field trials and is a big challenge that RF engineers and scientists are facing today. Record & Playback systems solve this challenge by recording the IF & RF field data, this data when played back provides seamless information which is essential in testing RF systems.

About CAPture Smart IF and RF Record and Playback System

CAPture Smart IF & RF Record & Playback System is one of the most advanced systems in this category. It recreates the real field signals which were recorded, this creates real world simulated environment and valuable spectral information for testing of RF systems. Finding wide range of application in testing Radars, Surveillance and Communication Systems. Features like Gapless Recording, Capture Sensitive Real-Time Data, Record Wideband Spectrum, Triggered Recording Options, Multi-Channel Synchronization Analyze, optimize your Receiver design, Optimize your DSP Algorithms, Use Data for Analysis in Future. makes it a go to product for various RF/IF testing requirements.

Key Features of  CAPture IF Record & Playback


With use of RAID technology, Hours to days of recording options are available.



KHz to GHz freq. range, with selectable frequency band & configurable bandwidth.



Tight Inter-Channel Synchronization, Remote Control Facilities, Custom Offline Analysis Tools and many more.


Due to scalable and modular hardware & software architecture the product can adopt to and include customized user requirements.


  • Optimization of Receiver design
  • Optimization of DSP Algorithms
  • Real time signal recording and playback for testing of RADAR
  • Telemetry, Sonar systems
  • Infotainment systems
  • Simulation of data
  • System validation and testing
  • Signal library development
  • Spectral monitoring
  • Playback the recorded data in offline for testing of radar processor (DPS) and other radar or RF subsystems, overall it finds wide range of RF systems design and validation applications in space, defence, aerospace and automotive sectors.

Specifications Overview:

  • Dynamic Parameters: Gain, Phase, Gain Margin, Phase Margin
  • Number of Frequency Responses: Multiple options available (Based on user requirement)
  • System Freq. range: 0.01Hz to 20KHz
  • Generator Amplitude: 1mV to 10Vac
  • Generator Mode: Sine Frequency, Logarithmic sine sweep, Linear sine sweep, Custom sine sweep
  • Frequency Accuracy: +- 20ppm, over operating temperature range
  • Samples Rate/Measurement Rate: 1KS/s to 204.8KS/s

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