CAPture - Frequency Response Analyzer

FRA is used to analyze dynamic behavior of actuators, valves & control systems components. It can generate user-configurable, swept sine frequency providing automatic calculation of Phase margin and Gain margin of the unit under test.


What is an FRA?

A Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) is a high precision measurement instrument used to analyse dynamic behavior of circuits & components of control systems in the frequency domain. An FRA generates a sinusoidal signal and inserted it into a unit under test. This signal is measured at the point of insertion using one of the input channels on the FRA The inserted signal travels through the UUT and the same signal is measured simultaneously by the FRA at other input channel. The technique measures the magnitude and phase relationship between output and input waveform as a function of frequency.

Key Features of  CAPture FRA


Automatic calculation of Phase margin and Gain margin of the unit under test



User-Configurable, swept sine frequency generation, with continuous as well as discrete frequency steps



The rig being compact in size – both hardware and software components can be carried and installed in any location.


Feature of adding user defined tests.


  • Testing of Aircraft control actuators
  • Launch Vehicle actuators and valves
  • Aerodynamic loading systems
  • Propulsion and guidance systems
  • Impedance measurement in Electro-chemical/ Bioanalytical systems
  • Launch Vehicle Actuators
  • Servo Valves etc.

Specifications Overview:

  • Dynamic Parameters: Gain, Phase, Gain Margin, Phase Margin
  • Number of Frequency Responses: Multiple options available (Based on user requirement)
  • System Freq. range: 0.01Hz to 20KHz
  • Generator Amplitude: 1mV to 10Vac
  • Generator Mode: Sine Frequency, Logarithmic sine sweep, Linear sine sweep, Custom sine sweep
  • Frequency Accuracy: +- 20ppm, over operating temperature range
  • Samples Rate/Measurement Rate: 1KS/s to 204.8KS/s

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