CAPture Avionics Test Suite

CATS (CAPture Avionics Test Suite) is a GUI based application that provides the facilities to test any avionics system or subsystems (LRUs). Having the features to Configure, Simulate and Monitor – MIL, ARINC, Serial, Ethernet, and IO Communication Protocols. Offline analysis for Playback the Previous Avionics Systems Testing Results and compatible to introduce newer protocols.


What is Avionics Test Suite?

The aerospace & defence scientists and engineers working on the design, development and validation of avionics systems or sub systems (Line Replaceable Unit – LRUs) face a challenge of testing them as all physical components may not be available for testing purpose. Also, such testing is costly and time consuming. Avionics Test Suite is a platform empowering them to perform the tests in simulated environment, testing various commonly used Avionics bus interfaces.

About CAPture Avionics Test Suite

CAPture Avionics Test Suite is an industry recognized amalgamation of hardware and software that offers Simulation, Acquisition, Monitoring, Logging and Analysis of multiple Avionic protocols. It is capable of Simulating different LRUs and its interfaces, run the pre-defined sequence of tests, display the simulated and acquired values with different view options and analyse the logged test data file. It is a COTS state of the art technology available in both windows and real time environments. Ease of using the system and high precision makes it the most sort after product aiding the aerospace industry.

Key Features of  CAPture Avionics Test Suite


Based on NI PXI COTS state of the art technology, gives user more control and flexibility.



Analog and Discrete I/O, Serial Interface (RS422/RS232), MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC 429, ARINC 664/AFDX and Supports custom protocol integration and implementation using FPGA platform.



User configurable message structures using Protocol specific API.


User can quickly adopt to the functionality of software and perform tests with ease. GUI is extremely Aesthetic and intuitive to use.


  • Testing of Line Replacement Unit for various commonly used avionics bus interfaces,
  • Testing of various aerospace components simulating various protocols, testing of communication systems,
  • Defence applications like missile,
  • Gunnery systems working on MIL 1553B,
  • Serial Communication testing etc.

Specifications Overview:

  • MIL – STD -1553B: Configurable as BC, RT, and BM with extended functionality single screen uninterrupted Bus activity monitoring. Simulate all aspects of BC behavior as defined by MIL-STD1553B and create complex on-card custom schedule
  • ARINC-429: Configurable as Transmitter / Receiver, Multiple label Configuration is possible
  • ARINC 664: MAC address configurable, Configurable as Transmitter / Receiver, Virtual Links and Sub Virtual Link configurable.
  • Serial: Multiple baud rates, parity, and flow control configurable. Configurable as raw data or message packets.
  • Analog I/O: Can be configured for different terminal configuration, supports multiple sampling rates, can be configured for simulation or transmission.
  • Discrete I/O: Supports different switching logics such as TTL, Pulsed TTL, Open ground etc.

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