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We have entered into a dynamic era of Automotive sector, where technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Captronic Systems automotive test solutions are extremely scalable and modular in nature which can adopt to these evolving requirements. Saving the most valuable resources, time, money and provide high rate of optimization

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System Categories

With increasing levels of complexity, personalized customer requirements and new technological advancements, Automotive domain requirements have evolved and Captronic Systems automotive testing solutions have adopted these changes altogether. Here are some of our system categories and details.

End of Line Testers

Hardware in Loop Simulation

Component Test Systems

In-Vehicle Data Logger

Instrument Cluster Test Systems

Captronic Systems Instrument Cluster Test Systems are one of the most technologically advanced systems meeting the changing requirements of Instrument Cluster Manufacturers pan India. 

Our true potential lies in delivering Scalable & Modular architectures that ensure the system to accommodate the future Model/Variant addition with minimal downtime. Proven algorithm for Vision & Gauge calibration inspection from 15 years expertise Vision team, User Friendly Interface with Management Metrics Report Display (FFT) and COTS based System Architecture are some of our key strengths.

Typical Test include: Automated Vision Inspection & Gauge Calibration of instrument cluster, Speed / Fuel / Tacho simulation, Firmware testing using CAN/Serial, Color testing of teltales (LEDs), Sleep current measurement, LCD testing, Dead cell identification, Optical Character Detection (OCD).


Infotainment Test Systems

Infotainment systems have evolved rapidly and so have the testing requirements, in the past few years. Captronic Systems have developed high quality testers to meet these requirements. Our In-depth expertise in this domain can be seen through the variety of successful projects that we have delivered.

These systems for Infotainment Testing includes; Design, Test Validation for R&D & Manufacturing End-Of-Line Testing. For Analog Radio (AM/FM/RDS), Multimedia component test (USB/AUX/SWRC/IPOD), Wireless Connectivity ( WIFI / Bluetooth)), Navigation System ( GPS /  BeiDou / Galileo / GLONASS / IRNSS / QZSS), Mobile Communication Standard  (LTE/3G/WCDMA/GSM), Digital Broadcasting Audio: DAB/DRM /HD RADIO/RSD/RDBS, Digital Broadcasting Video: DVB / DMB /ATSC), Satellite Radio  (SIRIUS / XM), Microphone  & Speaker Testing, Rear View Camera, Interface (LVDS / HDMI), Communication Protocol (CAN / LIN Automotive Ethernet), Display Test (LED illumination /Haptics Touch functionality /Screen transition sync), Record & Playback Test, Build To Print Engineering Solution, Vision Test Setup.


End Of Line Testers (EOL)

Friction Welding Test System

Friction welding processes are extensively used in the Automotive sector for forge welding processes in which the heat for joining metallic workpieces is generated by a relative motion of two components while a load is applied.

Our test system ensures that the quality of the welded job is upto the standards. Particular amount of controlled force is applied for a specific period of time if the job withstands the applied force it is said to be a good product. The speed and force are controlled by a PID algorithm, implemented on NI cRIO.


DNOX SCR System Tester

DNOX- Semiconductor Rectifiers-Systems are used in diesel engines to reduce nitrogen compounds in the exhaust gas. The test system consists of two temperature chambers which hold the SCR system along with Thermocouples and Leakage sensors.

NI PXIe based system is used to acquire various signals and send control signals to the Digital Control Unit (DCU) using CAN communication. With the help of long-term endurance tests under realistic conditions, the components can be examined without complex and expensive vehicle tests.


Switch EOL System

The IP multifunction switch has a Passenger Airbag ON/OFF indicator, Heat Seat Indicators, LHI, LLo, RHi, Rlo and Heat seat functions L & R. NI PCIe Vision module Camera & Lens along with Agilent DMM and Power Supply are used to build the tester.

The system is capable of running a series of automated tests such as the Open circuit test, Current Measurement Tests, Contact Bounce Test, Color, Intensity and shape tests, Free run test & Pin Gauge test.


Hardware In Loop Simulation

ECU HIL System

HIL System involves a complete close loop test solution for validating the functionality of the ECU & its algorithm in a simulated environment. Various features included in this are, Sensor Simulation (Analog, Digital, Resistor, PWM, Custom signal / protocol, CAN, LIN)

It also includes Fault Insert Simulation Condition, Model Simulation, Test Data Logging, Actuator / Load Simulation, User Friendly Operator Interface with report, Test Sequencing, Automation of Test Scripting.


Anti-Lock Braking System ECU HIL Tester

The objective of the system is to perform the Main cylinder testing of the Brake component with ABS System. It includes emulating ECU output to the ABS valve unit, Real-time emulation & Closed Loop Control of ABS brake patterns for wheels, ABS ECU simulation & Brake Actuation Control in synchronised manner.

User Definable ABS pattern Creatable based on Pressure Feedback (Or) Step interval (ms) references, Real-time Data Acquisition & Control, Dynamic Graphical Plots of key parameters, Extensive Offline Post Process Data Analysis


EPS Test System

Electric Power Steering Test System is an advanced HILS system developed by Captronics. The system allows to run a power steering unit separately from the car electric system as well as to detect and eliminate failures of the EPS system control unit. 

The system is designed using NI PXI platform and can run in Auto and Manual mode. The device is built to simulate the real vehicle conditions thus allowing the user to test several of different EPS and EHPS steering units without having a single vehicle in the testing area. 


More Projects under Automotive HILS

RPAS Automation Test System

RPAS HIL Tester is designed to validate the response and performance of Rear Parking Assist System Sensor and its Control Unit. It includes CAN Interface for reading ECU response, LIN Interface for ECU response, Fault Insertion Condition Simulation.

Different Obstacle creation for RPAS sensors through Motion Control of X-Y Frame, Acquiring Position Feedback is another Integral part of the system. The Systems is based on NI PCI formfactor, with a scalable software which is capable of storing data in various file formats.


Component Test Systems

Brake Test Systems:

Captronics specializes in testing brakes for passenger & commercial vehicles. This includes testing of Drum Brakes & Caliper Brakes, Parking Brake Test facility, Inertia Simulation with the help of Inertia Wheels.

Other facilities include Pressure, Torque & Force- Ramp & Level control facility for Brake Testing. Brake testing is made possible for all major testing standards like Jaso, Telco, R90, IS11852  etc. Some of the system examples include: Performance Test Rig, Endurance Test Rig, Fatigue Test Rig Brake Dynamometer, Field In-Vehicle Datalogger


Battery Management System (BMS) – Tester

Battery Management System (BMS) System is a critical part of Electric vehicles which monitors the critical parameters & manage the thermal condition of Battery and take necessary protective control action to ensure the safety of the passenger and vehicle at various scenarios.

Different tests that are included in Captronics BMS tester are Hipot Test, Fault Simulation test, Functionality Test System, Charge/Discharge Test,  SoC (State Of Charge), SoH (State Of Health).


AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) Tester

The tester is used to emulate Transmission Control Unit (TCU) output to the AMT gearbox. It includes Real time emulation of gear shifting operation. Engine drive simulated by Electrical Motor – Control Speed & Run.

In dual mode operation it can operate in TCU Emulation Mode, TCU In line operation Mode – Test controlled using CAN signal. Key features include Custom test Configuration & Post process Analysis & Reporting, User definable gear shift pattern & No of cycles to operate.


More Projects under Automotive Component Test Systems

Telematics Control Unit (TCU) – Tester

The tester is responsible for Test Validation of TCU Functionality for the following features: UDS CAN based Functional Test, Other Vehicle Network such as LIN / Automotive Ethernet Interface test, Vehicle Signal Simulation Test

It also includes Navigation (GPS /  BeiDou / Galileo / GLONASS / IRNSS / QZSS) Interface Test, Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee) Interface Test, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE & 5G) Interface Test, Server Communication Interface test.


Slam Chop System

The slam chop system is designed to acquire and monitor data from different types of sensors. Physical parameters like Pressure, Temperature and Speed are continuously acquired in parallel loop architecture.

UDP communication host client architecture is implemented in this project. The slam chop system uses PXI express chassis, controller and I/O modules. Specialized scalable Data Acquisition and Monitoring Software (DAMS) DAMS software is implemented in LabVIEW.


HVAC Test System

HVAC Test System involves test validation of various functionality of HVAC unit along with its sub-system (HMI / Load) at various scenarios, this includes Functionality Test of Push Button, Rotary knob, Blower Motor Drive, Actuator Check, Actuator Feedback Check.

Other tests include, Sensor Test ( EVAP ), CAN Communication Voltage and Sleep Current Measurement, CAN based Feedback Response Test, Fault Simulation Test, Vision Test for Validating HMI / User Interface, Daytime and Night time Illumination, Haptic Testing of FATC / MTC, Torque, Peak Operation Force value and LCD Display.


In-Vehicle Data Acquisition System – (IVDAS)

IVDAS is a portable rugged high-performance data acquisition system for commercial automotive and defence ground mobile vehicles. Communication capabilities over protocols like CAN, LIN, ARINC 429, MIL-1553B, RS-232/484, 3G, GSM, High Speed USB, Dual Ethernet etc. Complying MIL STD for EMI/EMC and Shock and Vibration makes it extremely rugged compact system.

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