Aeronautical Telemetry Channel Emulator

While designing, developing, or validating a ground telemetry system which communicates with any flight vehicle like, missile, aircraft, or satellite. it is important to test and fine tune its performance before putting it in real world application. This can be achieved with Captronics Aeronautic Telemetry Channel Emulator. Its state-of-the-art architecture along with AGI-STK user interface makes it a unique product in field of RF Simulation and Testing, not made by any Indian company before.


What is an Aeronautic Telemetry Channel Emulator?

It is extremely important to prepare, fine tune and validate ground telemetry systems, objectively for a given flight profile and link parameters, so that once it is put in real world application, it can deliver the desired performance. The flight vehicles are typically missiles, aircraft, and satellites. The ATCE acts like a Hardware in Simulation System (HILS), simulating flight profile and propagation effects acting as a virtual channel, so that various parameters of telemetry system can be adjusted to optimal levels for achieving desired performance and finding any faults that are present.

About Captronics Aeronautic Telemetry Channel Emulator (ATCE):

The Captronics ATCE can accept data from PCM encoder or self-generate a PCM stream as per IRIG-106 standards or accept pass-band signal at 70 MHz IF stage and generate RF signal in S-band (C-band and Ka-band also possible) as per the modulation scheme and link parameters and incorporate channel effects between aeronautical transmitter and receiver and produce a resultant RF signal for feeding to subsequent processing by real-world telemetry receiving subsystems.

Key Features of  ATCE


User has flexibility to create channels into various modes like,1 Tx Antenna – 5 Ground Stations, 5 Tx Antennas – 1 Ground Station, Duplex (Max 5 each), Multiple Tx on single platform and 1 Ground Station.



Multiple options for propagation effects available like, Line of sight, Finite-aperture loss due to distance, Rocket plume effects, Plasma effects and many more.


Scenario Simulation

Powerful tool like AGI’s – STK is seamlessly integrated with the system for best in performance scenario simulation.

Scalability & Modularity

State-of-the-art Hardware & Software architecture that can accommodate evolving user requirements with minimal changes.


  • Preparing and validating ground telemetry systems,
  • Validating communication in electronic warfare systems,
  • Designing & validating satellite receivers and transmitters (Modem),
  • Testing telemetry systems in aerospace applications,
  • Radar testing applications etc.

Specifications Overview:

  • Inputs PCM (data & clock): 05 pairs; IF – 05 No
  • PCM: 32 kbps to 20 Mbps
  • IF: 70 ± 20 MHz with BW from 50 kHz to 35 MHz
  • of wireless channels 05
  • Outputs: 10 No (i.e., 05 pairs)
  • Output frequency: 2.2 to 2.3 GHz (Options available)
  • Storage: RAID 2TB
  • Frequency: 20 MHz to 3 GHz with 1 kHz tuning resolution
  • Power 15 dBm
  • Instantaneous Bandwidth Up to 150MHz
  • Propagation Effects: Line of sight, Radiation patterns and gains of transmitting & receiving antennas, Finite-aperture loss due to distance, Ground reflection, Atmospheric absorption, Propagation delay at speed of light, AWGN, Aspect angle, Doppler shift and Doppler rate, Rocket plume effects, Plasma effects, RF Black-out.

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